This is Anna Salenko’s biography. Anna graduated from one of the schools of classical art in Russia. Soon after it, she went to Italy where she opened for herself a whole new world of fashion and art that served as a source of inspiration for her.

She continued studying art in Instituto Europeo Di design and Academia di Brera. Her talent as an artist was soon noticed and she was given a chance to perform at the art exhibitions in Milan.

Anna prefers creating her pictures with the help of palette knives because they allow more freedom in terms of the way a picture can be created. She states that she likes applying bright colors on to her pictures because her aim as an artist is to create an atmosphere of happiness in a painting. When looking at her paintings, an observer can see the beauty and elegance of the world he/she lives in.

She moved to Asia in 2013 and she’s been living there since then.

She took part in such exhibitions as

Hong Kong Affordable art fair

Singapore Affordable art fair,

Shanghai luxury fair,

Macau art fair,

Guangzhou art fair