Happy Chinese holidays

The festival that takes place every year in the middle of autumn is one of the times when one can feel a holiday-like atmosphere in China. 

The festival has long since become a tradition. This is the time when families and friends meet to spend time together and eat moon cakes. . 

Here is my collection of paintings devoted to the Happy Holidays in China. 




1. The first painting shows a beautiful place of interest in Beijing called “Forbidden city”. When I saw the place with my own eyes, I immediately understood that I have to create a picture of it. It’s amazing. This is the largest palace complex in the world that once as an imperial palace. Nowadays, it’s known as the Palace Museum.



I love painting lanterns. (I hope one day I’ll get a chance to have an exhibition devoted entirely to the pictures of lanterns) Lantern is a common holiday decoration in China. I used lots of red and orange colors while painting the picture so that to make them look as close to life as possible.


Atmosphere of a Holiday

The last painting shows one of the China streets in New Year. There are LOTS of lanterns hanging from the roofs of the buildings. The biggest one of them is the triangular lantern that has a Chinese character written on it. (Actually, the character stands for “Happiness”)

Anna Salenko