Hong Kong signature lion dance


Lion dance is a dance full of colours, sounds and movements.  


🎨 The dance with then 1000 years history and its main idea is to bring luck and fortune. 

It is usually performed during the Chinese New Year, Chinese national holidays and even important business events. During the Chinese New Year, it’s performed everywhere from streets and shopping malls to restaurants. You definitely won’t miss it since there are more than 100 lion troops dancing in different parts of Hong Kong. 

🎨 The lion biggest Lion dance in the world took place in HK in 2011. That was the performance in which 1,111 Dragons and Lions took part.

🎨 The lion biggest Lion dance in the world took place in HK in 2011. That was the performance in which 1,111 Dragons and Lions took part.

Apart from it being an incredible acrobatic performance the dance has an important meaning. In Chinese Culture it is believed that the Lions and the accompanying revelry of drums, gongs and firecrackers will scare away the bad spirits and bring good luck in the coming year.

After all, anybody that is running his/her own business (or is related to it in any way) will want to get rid of all the previously accumulated bad luck, clean his/her house and attract good fortune. It’s obvious that the Lion Dancers are sure to be welcomed everyone at anytime and anywhere! 


✏️There are 3 specific types of lions that represent characters from the Romance of three kingdoms. It’s kind of a legend. 

It’s a story about 3 powerful brothers that formed a brotherhood.

  • Yellow Lion (Lui Bei - the oldest brother) is auspicious lion 吉祥, the lion of Wisdom

  • Red Lion (Guan Gong - the second brother) is awakened Lion 驚醒, the Lion of War.

  • Black Lion (Cheung Fei - the youngest brother) is the fighting lion 戰鬥.


Nowadays, the lion dance is not only limited to yellow, red and black colours. Performers are allowed to choose other bright colours for their lions. For example, silver coloured and golden coloured lions. I also saw juicy pink and lemon green lions.


🎨 The appearance of Chinese lion is a collective in its nature. It comes from different creatures. 

  • The eyes are from the Phoenix. Therefore, they symbolise virtue.

  • Large protruding forehead and beard are from the Dragon. Therefore, they symbolise intelligence.

  • A broad head that looks like the shell of a turtle symbolises wisdom and longevity.

  • The white sharp teeth are from the Tiger. They symbolise strength and courage.


Most importantly, the lion dance is the performance that aims to connect people, to foster teamwork, to encourage leadership and to develop strong community ties.  


The Lion Dance is not to be confused with the Dragon Dance that I’m going to tell you about in next story 💁🏻 

Anna Salenko