Old Hong Kong

Today I´ve visited a beautiful place – a studio furnished in old Hong Kong style.

The design of the rooms allowed me to plunge into the atmosphere of the 50-es of the past century. 

I love learning more about the history of different cities. That’s why I really liked the time I spent in that place. I was impressed by the way the studio looks. I paid special attention to (antique) original items of furniture that added to the atmosphere of the days long gone. 


I felt like a girl who was offered a unique opportunity to travel back in time. I spent some time making sketches of the scenes I liked particularly. 

I dressed in the silk traditional cheongsam dress with pearl earring. I also drew a number of still life scenes sketches. I plan to use them to create a new series of pictures. 


I spent all my day enjoying the atmosphere of old Hong Kong. I have a number of photos to remind me of the day, the unique atmosphere and the way I felt there. These memories will stay with me forever. 

Anna Salenko