Life paining in Affordable art fair, Hong Kong may 16-19. 2019

Please have a look at the photos taken during the recent AAF exhibition held in Hong Kong. I was invited to participate in the fair to create paintings in real-time mode and share my experience.

During the fair I painted one of the most remarkable places and things to see in Hong Kong. For example, the streets with trams and the busy Wan Chai district. 

The next day of the fair I decided to devote to the Victoria’s harbour and the junk sails that can be seen there. The contrast between the red and blue colours encouraged me to use my imagination so that I could make the picture as attractive and interesting for an observer as possible. 


The last day of Fair I spent painting the Chinese Lion dance scene. I painted 3 lions on the 80x80 cm canvas. While I was painting the picture, a couple came up and paid close attention to the process of my work. They liked the painting so much that they decided to buy it as a gift for themselves for their 28th wedding anniversary. 

They told me that the colours I used in my painting allowed them to feel happiness and passion. They bought the painting right after it was finished. I believe it’s great when you had a chance to see how the painting you buy for yourself was created step by step. This way the painting will awaken more emotions in your heart. Once the oils completely dry (3-4 weeks), you can hang the painting on the wall you chose for it. 


I wish to take part in the AAF next year to continue sharing my works with people and bring them happiness. 

Anna Salenko