How we opened a Kid’s center

Hello, everyone. Today I want to tell you some facts about our school.  

This year we have a 4-year anniversary of our school. The decision to open the school was made back in 2015.

Would you like to know how everything started? Let me tell you…



The idea of opening an art school came to my mind when I was studying art at one of the European Universities. This was a truly great time when I acquired the knowledge necessary for every professional artist. I did my best to become at creating beautiful pictures. That’s what I always wanted to do in my life – sharing the beauty I see around the world with other people. Apart from it, I also wanted to share my knowledge with the kids. I wanted to help them discover their artistic and imaginational potential. That’s why I never doubted that idea of mine – the idea to open an art school in China. I was 100% sure it was the right thing to do. 


My dream came true in 2013. That year a school of art was opened. We offered both courses for groups of kids and individual courses. I can honestly say that the teaching experience I got was invaluable. I developed and improved my teaching skills. 

Two years later there arose a need for a change. Parents wanted their kids to be able to attend a number of different courses in one place. (It’s not a secret that parents often spend a lot of time driving their kids to this or that classes. This is very inconvenient). They wanted their kids to be able to develop and improve a number of different skills that they’ll need later in life. We decided to expand the number of lessons and skills taught at our school. 

We offer classes for both – girls and boys. The classes of art and crafts are one of the most popular classes. Kids love to attend them!


Craft lessons are the lessons during which the lids are encouraged to create different items with their hands. During the course, the kids will have a chance to make soap. Cool, isn’t it? As always, the kids are allowed to take the things they made at the lessons home. They’ll wash their hands using the soap they made by themselves. What else is there to expect? The kids attending the lessons will also have an opportunity to make candles and candle holders. We’re doing whatever we can to encourage kids to use their imagination. That’s why the kids will practice in decorating the candles they make. Craft lessons contribute to the development of a wide variety of skills, especially fine motor skills. Kids learn to work with various materials. For example, clay. They get used to holding some tools properly in their hand (scissors). They learn to cut different shapes out of a piece of paper and work with small details.

We invited fully-fledged teachers from abroad to come and teach different subjects at our school.

We offer classes for both – girls and boys. I think it will be interesting for you to know a bit more about the classes we offer at our school at present.


One more course we offer to kids at our school is cooking course. 

Following the instructions of a professional chef kids will learn to cook a number of delicious meals and desserts. 🍨

That’s right – the person teaching cooking at our school is a professional chef. (When studying in University, she majored in desserts). It also should be pointing out that our cooking teacher has a vast teaching experience. (She taught kids cooking before she accepted the invitation to our school). We did our best to create a good cooking course curricular. (We worked on it for more than 2 years). We tried to make the lessons as interesting and enjoyable as possible. 


What exactly the kids will practice cooking or baking? 

PASTRIES AND DESSERTS- The list of the pastries and desserts that the kids will learn to cook includes different cookies, cakes and panna cotta. 

HEALTHY MEALS. For example, (vegan) salads, vegan burgers, sushi and baked tomatoes/peppers. 

We also give the kids a chance to practice cooking dishes and desserts of the molecular cuisine. (The cuisine is becoming more and more popular nowadays. One can enjoy the meals and desserts of the molecular cuisine in top restaurants). Actually, we found the lessons of molecular cuisine to be extremely popular. Kids love attending them!

All the meals the kids cook at the lessons are to be taken home. They can gather together with their family at the dinner table and share the delicious meals they cooked. 

While becoming better at cooking, discovering the world of art and creating things with their own hands, kids learn English. They pick up English easily while communicating with the teachers and their classmates. We believe this is the most comfortable and the fastest way for kids to learn a foreign language. The kids are not shy to speak and make mistakes because they all have to practice and learn language under the same conditions. 


Ballet is one more course we offer at our school. The course is offered to girls only. The ballet teacher we invited to our school is a true professional who has a vast experience of both giving performances and giving ballet lessons when living in Russia. At our school girls learn to dance classical ballet taught at Russian ballet schools. 

The course is designed for the girls who are at least 3 years old. We firmly believe that this is the best age to start learning the basics of a ballet dance. Girls feel like little princesses when dancing ballet. They learn to move graciously and not to be afraid of performing in front of a public. 

The girls learn a number of basic positions in ballet. They make their bodies stronger and more flexible. They learn to stand/sit/walk keeping their back perfectly straight. During the final part of each lesson, girls dance together with the teacher thus repeating all the movements (and combinations of movements) they learned a bit earlier. 


Fitness is one more class that we have at our school. The course is offered for both girls and boys. We have all the equipment. (For example, soft equipment, tunnels, slide stairs etc.). During the lessons, kids do a set of exercises and then play games (in teams). 

We have a fitness course designed for babies (1 y.o.). The babies attend the lessons together with their parents. One of the best ways to teach a kid of this age something is to show him/her what to do. The person serving as an example should better be someone a baby knows well – a mother/father. (This way he/she will be more relaxed and is more likely to follow instructions). Babies dance, do exercises and play games together with their parents. 

The last course we offer at our school is building blocks course. The first part of the course is about learning English numbers and letters. Kids learn while playing games. They build the numbers and letters using the blocks provided. We also created videos to help kids learn to pronounce and write English numbers and letters correctly. They can watch the videos at home.

Once this part is over, kids start to learn building big constructions using the blocks provided. While playing games kids improve a number of skills. For example, they improve their logical thinking when completing the tasks given.  


Each of the classes we offer contribute to the development of a kid in its own way

· During art lessons kids develop and improve their imagination.

· During fitness lessons kids make their bodies stronger.

· During ballet lessons girls develop feeling of music (moving in certain rhythm, expressing oneself in a dance etc.)

· During building blocks lessons kids develop their problem-solving skills. They also learn to choose the bricks necessary for building this or that construction.

· During cooking lessons kids learn to cook/bake different meals and deserts.


Of course, let’s not forget the most important thing – when attending lessons, kids develop their communication skills and learn English. 

That’s where we are today. We know that our journey isn’t over yet. We’re constantly developing so that to become better and offer something new to the kids attending our school. We didn’t always have courses for the babies who are 1 year old only. The courses were designed last year. 

That’s all I wanted to tell you about our school. Hope it was interesting for you. Thank you for taking your time to read it. Bye. 

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